Tuesday, February 07, 2006

PowerPoint as a Countdown Timer?

Think about using PowerPoint as a "countdown timer" for tests, or discussion timers, speech timers, and more. Add some free music or clock sounds to make it more interesting.

1. Create a series of slides with text containing: "5 minutes" - "4 minutes" - "3 minutes" - "2 minutes" - "1 minute" --- and onto the 10 second increments.
2. Set the "timing" in the side transition menu accordingly.

But wait, why recreate the wheel? I'll just bet there are some already out on the web....

Try this: From the Google search page, click the "Advanced search" options. Enter "Timer" in the Find results "all of the words" field, then from the "File Format" options, drop down to select "Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt).

After you have downloaded the "gems" of others, why not consider posting your favorite PowerPoint files on the web to share?

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