Saturday, August 12, 2006

Videogrunt and Podgrunt --

From the Silicon Valley in California, comes the "grunt" series. I learned about this in the periodic "Apple news" email that I receive. These short episodes are creatively presented in plain English! Whether you are a new or seasoned user of video, this is a great series.

"Videogrunt is an innovative, free video podcast--illustrates the basics of digital video, delivered in short snippets. The informative 'grunt' clips are produced in high-definition video and then scaled down to size for viewing on the gruntmedia website, your personal computer or a video-capable iPod."

Learn something new about video by watching the first four "videogrunt" podcasts.

And, if you follow the links on this page, you will be able also subscribe to the "podgrunt" series.

What a great introductory series on the basics of video and audio to share with teachers and students!

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