Thursday, January 28, 2010

A few recent finds....

Over the past several weeks it seems I've found it difficult to make time for certain things ... such as posting to this blog. This has been partly due to the holiday season and end of semester/beginning of semester work, and partly due to my efforts on various committees (NICE Mini-Conference, ICE Educator of the Year, etc.), and extra-curricular activities (I'm now iLife Certified!)

Although I bookmark items as I find them, here are a few recent "finds" I'd like to share here:

100 Interesting Ways:

10 Teacher Development Tasks for Web 2.0 Tools:

What's Working in Schools (HOPE Foundation blog): -- Literature for your eyes and ears:

Do we know what good teaching looks like?

Technology Resources to Support the Struggling Reader (Meg Ormiston's wiki)

Best Online Collections of PowerPoints for Teachers (Larry Ferlazzo's posts are always top-notch!!)

Web 2.0 for Speech Teachers

What to Educational Innovators Really Do?

5 Reasons Why Educators Should Network


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