Wednesday, March 07, 2012

iPad in the News (no it's not about the new iPad 3)

This is not about iPad 3... but rather some apps that we might consider taking a look at.

The first is "Reflection" ... for $14.99 a single license, or $49.99 for 5 licenses, it allows you to mirror your iPad (and multiple iPads at once TO your computer, which if connected to a projector can be used to share student work, or teach from the iPad. You can download a free trial that will run for only 10 min. This is a hot topic and may be a better solution than the Apple TV.

See Tony Vincent's review at:

Also of interest is Configurator, announced by Apple today.

Apple has released Configurator, a free app for OS X that makes it easy to administer several iOS devices at a time. Nice for schools, businesses or even a big family.

Three simple workflows let you prepare new iOS devices for immediate distribution, supervise devices that need to maintain a standard configuration, and assign devices to users. Quickly update 30 devices at a time to the latest version of iOS, configure settings, and install apps and data for your students, employees, or patrons.

Apple Configurator can be used by larger organizations and businesses to set up new devices, install enterprise apps, and enroll each device with a Mobile Device Management solution for remote management by an IT administrator. It is perfect for the classroom or student lab where devices need to be quickly refreshed and kept up to date with the correct settings, approved policies, apps and data. Apple Configurator can also be used to personalize devices with data and documents for specific users, and an administrator can apply custom text, wallpaper, or the user's picture to a device's Lock screen.

The app is a 15.8 MB download from the Mac app store and requires os X 10.7.2 or later.

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